Jack’s Nursery

Take a look at Jack’s woodland nursery. The room is so small, but this just goes to show you can make a lot out of a small space! And Jack’s fox fitted sheet is on back order until July, but we had a cute sheet to use until then. Oh, and forgive me for my crooked picture frames… definitely didn’t notice that until a few minutes ago. πŸ˜‰




xoxo Kelsi

And Just Like That, My Life Has Changed.

It has been 3 1/2 weeks since my sweet boy came into this world. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that my life has turned upside down. The first two weeks was all about the baby blues. One minute I am so incredibly happy and soaking up all this love with my baby, and the next I am sobbing uncontrollably because I am so overwhelmed by everything and everyone. I could handle that. It’s just like pregnancy hormones x10. Then at about the two week mark something started to change. I stopped sobbing, and more worryingly, I stopped doting on my son. I knew I was more perceptible to Postpartum Depression because I’ve been struggling with Depression since high school. However, I was so unprepared by how strongly it came on. I started to feel more melancholy rather than weepy. Then, at my worst moments, I would be completely hysterical and inconsolable. I would sob uncontrollably and want nothing more than to just disappear. I started to feel less connected with my son and then I would feel extreme guilt when I didn’t want to hold him. It was like there was a brick wall was around my heart. Eventually I reached out to my doctor and we started treatment. Now, I can honestly say that things are starting to look up. I am sharing this because I think people do not talk about this enough. Women are now starting to open up about it. But I feel like there’s such a stigma surrounding PPD because we’ve all heard the horror stories of mothers who have hurt their children because of this condition. These are worst-case scenarios. I have never felt like harming my child. I want to make that clear. I am incredibly and deeply in love with my son. Because of my lifelong struggle with Depression, I’ve realized the importance of getting help. Depression isn’t weakness and it is something that can be helped. I am also so grateful for modern medicine that enables me to be well enough to take care of my son.

Okay, that’s enough of the serious stuff. Now here are Jack’s newborn pictures. Because we are tight on money, I ended up taking them but I am very happy with how they turned out.

Now, feast your eyes on this perfect and beautiful boy.













xoxo Kelsi

Obsessed with Nursery Decor


If you’ve been following my instagram, you’ll notice I’ve been practicing my graphic design chops by making different nursery-styled decor. I think nursery decor is the absolute cutest. It’s such an easy way to add to a room but can make a huge difference. By the way, this isn’t an announcement. This is me just loving nurseries. If you want to take a look at what I’ve done so far, keep scrolling to check them out the printables. I’ve been considering opening an Etsy shop to sell them but I haven’t quite decided if that would be worth it or if I would be successful.

Woodland Nursery

forestnursery-01Β Β  forestnursery-02 forestnursery-04 Β  forestnursery-03


Woodland Cartoon Nursery

foxcartoon-01 foxcartoon-02 foxcartoon-03 foxcartoon-04


Nautical Nursery

nautical-nursery-01 nautical-nursery-04


(sorry they have a completely white background so you can’t really see the edges. oops.

Safari Nursery

safari-01 safari-02 safari-03 safari-04



Well that’sΒ  all I have so far, but I love them! Safari may be my favorite πŸ™‚




Beach in Black & White

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the Oregon Coast. It is the most beautiful place. The water may not be warm… at all… but the beach makes up for it in its beauty and its ability to calm. Most of my family was able to go this last week and so I finally got the opportunity to practice my photography skills. Oh, and excuse all the black and white… but I don’t think there is anything more stunning than black and white photos of the sea.


I love this next one. Charlie loves towels. Whenever he gets wet, he’ll run for the nearest towel and start rubbing himself all over it to get himself dry. So, he eventually got tired of running over the sandy and wet beach and ran for the towel we had in our arms. So he loved being wrapped up in a big warm towel πŸ™‚ My little cutie.


So here are some pictures of the coast… enjoy πŸ™‚


m8 m5Β m7 m4bw

I had to add this one in color as well. I love those peachy tones!



Happy Saturday!

South Umpqua Falls

I’ve been a little bit off the raider for the last week, partially due to a camping trip I took to South Umpqua Falls. It was beautiful! But I definitely was not… so that’s why there are no pictures of me. I was not only greasy and un-showered, I was also bit by bugs to the point where I resemble a Leper. But I thought I would share some pictures of the falls as well as some pictures of the BEAUTIFUL Crater Lake.

three two

Look at my man and his beard…. πŸ™‚



Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. and 8th deepest in the world! It is so beautiful. It’s known for it’s crystal clear water. If you’re ever in Oregon, it’s definitely a must-see!


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