My Favorite Baby Products (And My Least Favorite)

When you first get pregnant, or start the adoption process, or even when you start consider parenthood, it can be so overwhelming thinking about all that you will need. I remember scrolling through Pinterest at all the “what you need for baby” infographics and lists and just being so amazed by how much you need. So. Much. Stuff. And to be honest, half of it is probably unnecessary. I remember also being so overwhelmed by the different brands and products of each thing I needed. Like, I had no idea how many different types of bottles there were. Or baby baths. Or swaddles. And when you think you got the best of the best, or what you think will be perfect for your situation, your baby decides to throw your expectations for a loop and you have to adapt.

I’ve had a few friends ask me for some recommendations on baby products that I used/loved, and also on what I didn’t use/love. So I thought I’d make a blog post out of it in case some of you readers are on the road to parenthood, or know someone who is and need a few ideas for baby shower gifts. But also, keep in mind that some of these things won’t work for every baby. As I said before, you don’t always get the baby you planned for. For me, I had to adjust and buy some things I didn’t think I needed because my baby dealt with reflux and was constantly moving.

But without further ado, here are some of my favorite products:


Why it’s great: The Mamaroo is amazing. It’s a little spendy, but we were lucky enough to get one second hand and Jack loved it. It’s a baby swing that has 5 different motions and sounds, and kind of looks like a little baby spaceship. This was great for Jack because for a long time, he couldn’t sleep on his back because his reflux was so bad, so he actually slept in his Mamaroo because of the incline.

Find it here.

Swaddleme swaddles

These were so helpful for us because Jack was such a wiggly baby and he just undid every other swaddle we used on him. The Swaddleme has velcro that helps secure your baby and helps the swaddle stay on. I would highly recommend these if you have a busy baby.

Find them here.

LOTS of binkies

So this is just a reminder to get plenty of binkies. Because they are allusive AF. Those little things get lost so easily, and you do not want to find yourself in a situation where you don’t have one. I try and keep one in almost every room of the house (and in the diaper bag).

Jack’s favorites are soothies.

Puj Tub

This was the best baby bath ever. It fits right in your sink, and isn’t bulky so it’s easy to store. I just hang it on the wall in the bathroom.

Find it here.

Halo Bassinest

This is a great bassinet. It has an adjustable height, and it swivels so you don’t have to move to get your baby out in the middle of the night. It’s also great for C-Section mamas who have a longer recovery.

Find it here.

Onsies with mitten cuffs

I wish I knew this before Jack. He was always scratching his cute little face and it made me super sad. Some onsies come with little mitten cuffs you can fold over your babies hands to keep them from scratching. I found this easier than cutting their nails… that scared me too much.

Find some here.

Baby lotion

I wish I bought more of this for his newborn stage. After birth, baby’s skin get so dry!

Find some here.


I chose jogger over stroller for the versatility. I love how smooth a ride my jogger is. And with a simple adapter, I was able to attach the carseat as well. It’s great for long walks and running (if that’s your thing).

This is the jogger I got. It’s awesome.

Johnson’s sleepy time baby bath kit

This stuff rocks. It’s proven to help calm your baby and get him/her ready for bed. Also, and most importantly, it smells incredible.

Find it here.

Portable bouncer

Although I had the Mamaroo, I needed a more portable bouncer that I could take on trips or even just take up to the bathroom to put him in so I could shower. You can get a good one for cheap that still gets the job done.

This is the one I bought and we love it.

Activity Jumper

You definitely don’t need this right away. This is for when your baby is at least 4 months old. Jack loves this jumper. It’s so useful when you need a break. Just plop your baby in there and let him play while you rest on the couch or do the dishes. And it’s also great for your baby’s motor skill development and their leg strength.

This is the one I bought.

Video monitor

I love our monitor. I knew I wanted one with video because as a first time mom, I want to be able to see and hear my baby at all times. This one is pretty decently priced and gives you a pretty clear image. It also allows you to move the camera remotely and talk to your baby from your screen. I also love that it tells you the temperature of the room as well, which is important when your baby can’t use blankets in their bed.

This is the one we have.

Fawn Design diaper bag

These may be spendy, but they are super trendy so it doesn’t even feel like a diaper bag. There are lots of pockets and the material is easy to clean.

Find it here.


Ok, now that I’ve given you a long list of things I love, here is a shorter list of things I did not like or did not use.  No, these may work for you… they just didn’t for me.

  1. Baby wipe warmer. I barely used this. It’s just really unnecessary. And because I barely used it, the wipes all dried up so they were useless. A cold wipe is not gonna make your baby mad. They’ll be fine.
  2. Bulky portable changing pad. Honestly, you don’t want to have to carry around more than you have to. And this thing can really eat up space in your diaper bag. I found that a thin blanket even does the trick if you have to change a diaper away from home.
  3. Blooming Baby Bath. This was  not my best purchase. I bought it cause it was just so darn cute, but it really doesn’t function well for a newborn. The structure is not sturdy so I had to keep holding Jack up while bathing him. Your baby will just kind of sink into it. It may work for an older baby with better lumbar strength, but at that point, they can probably just go in the tub anyways.
  4. Huggies Diapers. This one might be strange but for some reason, these diapers leaked all the time. Maybe they didn’t fit right, I’m not sure. But Pampers are so much better and rarely ever leak.


Well that’s all folks! I hope you find this helpful! And if you have some good recommendations, add them in the comments!

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