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I have done a review of BBG (Bikini Body Guide) before, except I focused on comparing it to some Beachbody programs. This time around, I wanted to focus on just BBG. I have gotten so many people come to me and ask me to tell them a little bit about BBG–what it is, what it’s like, and if it’s worth doing. I post progress pictures on my instagram and I have been doing BBG for 2 years. So, I’m a pretty good source of knowledge when it comes to Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide. So I thought I would give a little overview of the program and tell you about my experience with it.

Before BBG I really struggled finding a workout that I loved. My exercise regime was 30 minutes on an elliptical, barely breaking a sweat, and roaming around the gym trying every machine that didn’t look too complicated. I wasn’t dedicated to anything and felt no fire with anything I had tried before. Then I came across Kayla’s instagram and got sucked in to one of the most inspiring online fitness communities I’d ever seen. Seeing all those transformations brought me the fire I was looking for.

So here’s a little rundown of the program. Now keep in mind that I have actually not tried the app. Since I started BBG before it was cool, I got the ebooks for both BBG 1.0 and 2.0. I got them printed out and bound into booklets. So honestly, I don’t know much about the app, but the workouts are the same.

BBG focuses on strength training circuits and each circuit is focused on a different part of the body. For example, Monday is focused on legs, Wednesday on arms, etc. Each week consists of three, 28 min. circuit workouts and three cardio days. MWF are for circuit training, and for every TTHS, you get to choose your own 35-45 min LISS workout (or 10 min. HIIT).

So, this is an example of a BBG week:

Monday- 28 min leg circuit

Tuesday- 40 min jog

Wednesday- 28 min arm circuit

Thursday- 35 min walk outside

Friday- 28 min ab circuit

Saturday- 10 min sprint intervals

Sunday- Rest day!


And here is a rundown of what the circuits are like:

Each circuit consists of two 7 min circuits (repeated twice). Each 7 minute circuit contains 4 exercises. So, you set your timer for 7 minutes and do circuit one. Even if you finish the exercises, you want to keep working out for the full 7 minutes. Just repeat the circuit again if you finish before 7 minutes. After you take a 30 second break, you will start on circuit two. 30 second break, circuit one again. 30 break, circuit two again. Overall, this should take you around 28 minutes. If that made no sense to you, check the example below:

BBG Circuit

Kayla has several different programs. Each is 12 weeks long. BBG 1.0 is weeks 1-12, and BBG 2.0 is weeks 13-24. I believe there is also a 3.0 and a few other programs now available on the app, but I don’t know as much about them.

I have completed BBG 1.0 and 2.0 three times each. So I’ve done about 120 weeks of BBG. Here is what I think of the program….

Well, 120 weeks kind of prove that I LOVE it. It is challenging enough to really test your strength but not too challenging so you burn out quickly. They’re short workouts that you can easily do at home so it’s super convenient, especially for stay at home moms who don’t want to take their kids to the gym.

I also love that the workouts progress in difficulty. Every 4 weeks, the circuits get a little more difficult, so you can really build up your strength in a healthy way. Week 1 is difficult enough to challenge exercise veterans, but not too difficult that it excludes exercise novices.

Here are some questions I’m frequently asked:

Do you do BBG exclusively?

It depends. Sometimes I like to pair it with a Beachbody program.  Sometimes I focus solely on BBG. But doing BBG alone is effective enough to give you results without doing anything else.

What kind of results did you see?

Since I have done 120 weeks of BBG, but I’ve taken breaks (because of pregnancy or other reasons), I don’t have just one transformation. Also, my results have varied depending on how well I eat. I would say the first 12 weeks I did BBG as the most effective for me. I lost several inches overall and lost 15 pounds. I think this is because I was so motivated and dedicated that I never missed a workout and ate extremely well. Here is a picture of that BBG period.

Yes, I know this is only 8 weeks, but it’s a good example.

I lost 15 pounds that first 3 months. I felt SO wonderful by the end of those 12 weeks. I was full of confidence and energy. It was worth every drop of sweat.

But since life is hard and stuff happens, I did end up gaining weight later on and then getting pregnant. So my transformation looks way different after pregnancy. But overall, you can get some seriously good results if you are dedicated!

This is the last 12 weeks. Obviously, I had a very different starting point because I am postpartum.

Have you tried the nutrition guides?

No. Kayla sells a food guide on her website and also provides food and lifestyle tips on her SWEAT app. I have never followed them. Yes I have used some of her recipes, but I have seen success by just using my food plan. Honestly, if you have a good diet and good nutritional know-how, you don’t need her guide.

However, you cannot expect great results unless you eat well. There have been times when I’ve done a round of BBG and barely saw any results in my physique because my diet was garbage. Nutrition is key.

Are there any things you dislike about BBG?

Yes. Burpees and commandos. They are the bane of my existence. But I mean, they’re amazing exercises so this is more of a drag than anything.

Honestly, it’s a great program. I have very few complaints. However there is one worth mentioning. Some of the workouts can be very hard on your body. A lot of the exercises are high impact and can be pretty hard on your joints if you’re not careful. Things like box jumps and jump lunges are hard on your knees. So, if you’re like me and have crappy joints, you have to be extra careful when doing these types of exercises. Make sure your form is spot on (especially with those lunges and squats) so you don’t put too much strain on your knees. You can also modify your exercises if you have bad joints.



I hope that helps all those who are curious! In a short conclusion, I highly recommend BBG.







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