I’m Kelsi Lynn Merrill. I always feel awkward with these “about me” pages. I just never know what people would like to know about me. Anyway, I am 23 years old, a graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho. I received a Bachelors of Arts in English, with a minor in Visual Communications. I was married December 2014 to the most awesome hot-nerd I have ever met. His name is Grant. We also have a 3 month old puppy named Charlie. He’s perfect. We are currently living in Rexburg, Idaho while Grant finishes school. However, I am from Portland, Oregon, and will always claim that as my home.

I started this blog as a personal project for myself. When I was living in Colorado for a few months, I fell into a slump that I couldn’t shake. My sleeping habits were atrocious, my eating was bad, I gave up on working out, and I wore pajamas all day. Though that sounds like a lazy girl’s dream, it worsened the depression I’ve been battling since High School. I would watch all these bloggers on the internet and just dream of starting a successful blog. So I put on a pair of pants and started jotting down ideas. This is that blog. Let’s hope it offers this world some sort of gain.